British Liver Trust

Pioneering Liver Health in Scotland

The British Liver Trust supports thousands of patients and families who are living with any type of liver condition; we run a Helpline and support groups, we provide information for people who are worried or recently diagnosed, and we campaign for improved services for patients.

The liver is an incredible organ but can be badly affected by simple lifestyle choices – not enough exercise, too much alcohol, too much fatty and sugary food and drink – as well as many less well-known auto immune and genetic conditions. But the damage can be the same, whatever the cause. And if it’s not diagnosed or treated in time, it can be devastating.

The British Liver Trust needs your support to reach more people and raise awareness of how to Love Your Liver; to share what we can all do to reduce the number of people affected by liver disease every year.

Our contact details are:

T: 01425 481320 or 01425 600206

E: or


The minimum amount each free entry participant should raise is £30.